Clark vs Brown FULL FIGHT: March 24, 2019 - PBC on FS1

  • Published: 26 April 2019
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    On March 24, 2019 PBC on FS1 featured super welterweight contender Jamontay Clark (14-1, 7 KOs) surviving an early knockdown to earn a narrow unanimous decision over previously unbeaten Vernon Brown (10-1-1, 7 KOs) after 10 rounds of action.

    Brown scored the first big blow of the bout, landing a perfect counter right hook on the inside that sent Clark crashing into the ropes. Referee Kenny Chevalier ruled it a knockdown, determining that Clark had used the ropes to avoid hitting the canvas.

    "He had the reach and I was trying to catch him. I was throwing my hook but I was a little off. I still think I won the fight. I caught him with the better shots. He was just slapping me with the hook and trying to catch up that way.

    Clark was able to survive the onslaught and finish the round and appeared to recover until behing hurt again late in round four. From there, Clark began to increase his punch output, out working Brown on his way to a 162 to 97 advantage in total punches landed.

    "I boxed a little bit better the last few rounds and used my height," said Clark. "I made him miss and made him over reach. That was the game plan."

    Brown tried to do more work on the inside with big power punches that would hurt Clark and potentially end the fight. According to CompuBox, only 49 seconds on average per round were fought on the inside, allowing Clark to gain an advantage in the second half of the fight.

    After 10 rounds the judges saw the fight close, but all three ruled in favor of Clark with totals of 96-93 twice and 95-94.

    "I've been down before and I've seen the worst of the worst," said Clark. "This was nothing. I just kept grinding. I got the win and now I'm going to sit down and see what's next for me."

    "If they want to do it again, let's do it again," said Brown. "Let's make it a 12 rounder. I don't think he can survive 12 rounds with me. My coach knew that I needed the knockout but it's still on to the next. I'm just going to go into the gym and work even harder."


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  • Zyrus Collantes
    Zyrus Collantes  3 weeks back


    • Ozymandias
      Ozymandias  1 months back

      Sub zero lol dude played too much MK

      • gogetit 500
        gogetit 500  1 months back

        All you hear after he won & they called his name is "WHAT!"😂😂😂

        • richard williamson
          richard williamson  1 months back

          When Clark was hurt ref should not have gave the 8 count

          • Carlos Flores
            Carlos Flores  3 months back

            finish him!!!

            • el caminante solitario
              el caminante solitario  3 months back


              • Guitarzan
                Guitarzan  3 months back

                Th fight was Brown's to win. He landed significantly more effective punches, but simply didn't throw enough of them. He was consistently begged by his corner to keep his chin tucked, keep his hands up, step to his right to cut off the ring and throw constantly in combination to the body. Instead, Brown threw punches one at a time, was head hunting Clark, didn't stay on Clark's body, followed Clark around the ring instead of cutting it off and would not keep his hands up. This allowed Clark to land more punches and although none of them hurt Brown, let Clark pile up lots of points on the judges' scorecards. If Brown had just followed his corner's instructions, he would have knocked Clark out in round 6 or 7. What a shame. By the way, there was nothing about which to criticize the referee in this fight. The referee (to his credit) stayed out of the fighters' way and let them battle it out. The bottom line is that Brown wasn't busy enough, had the better power in his punches but just didn't have enough punch volume to exploit his power advantage. There's no question that Clark deserved the win, but he did make one consistent mistake during the entire fight: he didn't take advantage of his height and reach advantage, keeping Brown on the end of his jab and effectively controlling the space and distance in the ring. Had he done so, he would have probably been able to hurt Brown with his left hook.

                • Nobby Barnes
                  Nobby Barnes  5 days back

                  didn't know how to close the distance

              • Michael Pereyra
                Michael Pereyra  3 months back

                Good fight, both of these boxer are really stupendous fighters

                • Jeffery Schirm
                  Jeffery Schirm  3 months back

                  He gave him some Cinn. Three way chilli !

                  • Ron Weasley
                    Ron Weasley  3 months back

                    "Sub-zero" ? Where is scorpion?!

                    • Carlos Flores
                      Carlos Flores  3 months back

                      dude this guy needs to change his intro song to the mortal kombat song

                    • Joseph Rudowicz
                      Joseph Rudowicz  3 months back

                      Scorpion's a bitch who pulled out of the fight. He knows he doesn't stand a chance against Sub-Zero.

                  • Josh warner
                    Josh warner  3 months back

                    what the hell the ref needs to be fired for messing up the fight brown had clark help and was going to finish him the stupid ref kept pulling them apart smh

                    • Epidemic - illen spree
                      Epidemic - illen spree  3 months back

                      Now I have to watch the fight again... I was watching the ref practice his footwork and study the fighters lol

                      • bubba bojanglez
                        bubba bojanglez  3 months back

                        Clark is that typical cocky black guy that all the girls cant get enough of.

                        • sandwichboy35
                          sandwichboy35  3 months back

                          Give em time they’re both fundamentally in the right direction..would’ve been even better at a heavier weight class

                          • FederalTracks
                            FederalTracks  3 months back

                            Clark was able to fight his fight and clarks fights thats the biggest thing i saw the hook counter comig from brown but that was cause he tried stayin low nor good for tp long

                            • geo g
                              geo g  3 months back

                              Why does PBC got this disabled guy as a ring announcer with his fucked up mouth and shit. The way his mouth moves is fucking annoying

                              • Mychal Taylor
                                Mychal Taylor  3 months back


                                • James 3D Print,RC,and Smoke Backwoods

                                  Bro this ref

                                  • N8 88
                                    N8 88  3 months back

                                    He want to pee

                                • D’Marco Jackson
                                  D’Marco Jackson  3 months back

                                  “Clark vs Brown”
                                  Lmao that sound like a fight about to happen after school .