Star Meets the Group | American Honey (2016) | 1080p HD

  • Published: 06 January 2017
  • Star (Sasha Lane) meets the magazine crew she'll soon be working with.

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    Prospective nominee for:
    Best Director, Andrea Arnold

    This movie's quite recent, so there are no major writings on it, but here's my the soundtrack listing for you guys:

    And here's a pair of interesting articles on the film and Shia LaBeouf:

    And here's an interview I appreciated with one of the supporting actors:

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    Writer and Director: Andrea Arnold

    Actors and Actresses:
    Sasha Lane as Star
    Shia LaBeouf as Jake
    Riley Keough as Krystal
    McCaul Lombardi as Corey

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Comments • 32

  • imkindapissed aboutthis

    I really loved Riley Keough’s performance in this movie. It’s what kept me watching until the end, I believe. I wish there had been a little bit more of her in it, but I don’t make the movies.

    • adam burdt
      adam burdt  2 months back

      I'm halfway through this movie and its Stars attitude is getting on my last nerve. They would've fired her for pulling some of this... staring at a tree picking the bark while you're trying to learn. Messing with the statues in Lala land. Giving that lady a hard time when they had the sell in the bag

      • Seroogy W
        Seroogy W  3 weeks back

        Your getting on my nerves!! Great great movie!! Star is amazing!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

    • Cactus Bill
      Cactus Bill  2 months back

      Nobody gonna say anything about how times that dude pulls his dick out in the movie?

      • Æ N I Ǝ M A
        Æ N I Ǝ M A  2 months back

        This movie flat out sucks. Over 3 hours long and the movie goes nowhere.

        • jonah
          jonah  3 weeks back

          Seroogy W lmao or we’ll leave it at your probably some dumb retard kid who thought this movie serves an aesthetic without actually analyzing how terrible it is. don’t get mad because ur opinion is shit

        • Seroogy W
          Seroogy W  3 weeks back

          jonah or your just an idiot and we’ll leave it at that!! 🤷‍♂️

        • jonah
          jonah  3 weeks back

          Seroogy W what... you make no sense. the movie doesn’t make me uncomfortable OR happy. it’s supposed to be a movie about wanderlust and a spontaneous lifestyle. but it was executed very poorly by what i mentioned before; lack of character development, lazy writing, and emotion couldn’t be delivered properly due to poor soundtrack. i assume your taste in movies is just as bad as this one

        • Seroogy W
          Seroogy W  3 weeks back

          One of the Best 3 hours I’ve spent watching a movie!! I’m sorry you have know idea or have feelings what this movie means! It’s a movie that is supposed to make you feel uncomfortable but happy at the same time! Most of the actors were picked up on a beach and where ever they found them and thought they were interesting! It makes them authentic! Too bad your missing the point of this movie or even have feelings as a person! 🤷‍♂️

      • helloworld 95
        helloworld 95  3 months back

        I wish they wouldv'e gave more insight into Riley Keough's Character background how she got her start in that buisness and how the hell she managed to find young people/teens to work and follow her around America.

        • Anthony Garrido
          Anthony Garrido  3 months back

          i heard she a lesbian now cuz of shia's off putting schizo

          • Crystal Ramos
            Crystal Ramos  3 months back

            The white boy that showed his dick omfg so sexy 👅👅👅👅

            • divaquana
              divaquana  5 months back

              can somebody please upload this stupid cheap movie on youtubeAa

              • Xstal87
                Xstal87  3 months back

                divaquana well it’s on Netflix if you have that

            • Thierry Brown
              Thierry Brown  7 months back


              • Jane H
                Jane H  10 months back

                Hey can you please post more clips ! 🤗

                • Alyssa Rose
                  Alyssa Rose  12 months back

                  Krystal is my fav!

                  • Dylan Minish
                    Dylan Minish  1 years back

                    That bitch in the read is a classic hoe who thinks she's a pimp

                    • Felicia Strong
                      Felicia Strong  1 years back

                      I love mcaul Lombardi he sexy as fuck

                      • Kate
                        Kate  2 years back

                        Riley Keough is mesmerising in this

                        • Youssef Rasta
                          Youssef Rasta  10 months back

                          I think she kinda uppity in this movie

                      • Ray Rocco
                        Ray Rocco  2 years back

                        This is how it was in the 1960's !!

                        • tarık fener
                          tarık fener  2 years back

                          1:53 ewww very repulsive:)

                          • widM
                            widM  2 years back

                            what exactly? taking out a gum or putting a cigarette?

                        • yossi illions
                          yossi illions  2 years back

                          I love this movie!!!

                          • would thatitweresosimple

                            Get in the car - thats what im doing - lol

                          • Patrick Lynch
                            Patrick Lynch  2 years back

                            Great movie - well worth the watch

                            • Crista Grym
                              Crista Grym  2 years back

                              i am obsessed with Labeouf lucky girl Sasha Lane

                              • Charlie Abbot
                                Charlie Abbot  3 years back

                                What a HO