CARNIVAL ROW Official Teaser Trailer (HD) Cara Delevigne, Orlando Bloom


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  • Cara _jn
    Cara _jn  15 hours back

    *Cara DelevINgne

      WERNUTZ  1 days back

      So is The Fairy Olando Bloom?

      • Will Lyon
        Will Lyon  5 days back

        Humans and mythical creatures coexisting in an alternate Victorian world, I'm in.

        • Ricardo Crvl
          Ricardo Crvl  2 weeks back

          Smells like BRIGHT i dunno

          • Crystal Rose King
            Crystal Rose King  2 weeks back

            I would like to see these series and messages behind it, their always is a message.

            • Charles Brossett
              Charles Brossett  2 weeks back

              Looks interesting

              • Crow Soul
                Crow Soul  3 weeks back

                espero que el prota sea el tio y no la tia porque me da asco la actriz esa

                • Truth King
                  Truth King  3 weeks back

                  They have several fairies in this series, interesting. Looking forward to seeing,what this is about. Orlando Bloom should have been one of the fairies.

                • matthew badanin
                  matthew badanin  3 weeks back

                  Anyone know the name of the song?

                  • Edward Meade
                    Edward Meade  12 hours back

                    The name of the song for the full length trailers is "Grieve No More" by the young German singer / hurdy-gurdyist Patty Gurdy. She wrote and performed the song especially for this series. Her first album is currently in post-production.

                • Toño F.C.
                  Toño F.C.  3 weeks back

                  A model is not an actress!

                  • Riley Freemyer
                    Riley Freemyer  3 weeks back

                    @Toño F.C. Yes, you're making sense! Your English is really well, be proud of it. What is your native language? Just curious :)

                  • Toño F.C.
                    Toño F.C.  3 weeks back

                    Riley Freemyer Yes... she is doing these films bc she has a beautiful face and she is famous, so I don't thing it is like when the casting choose a non-experienced actor bc his talent.
                    Am I making sense? Bc English is not my first language so I'm sure I sound weird 😅

                  • Riley Freemyer
                    Riley Freemyer  3 weeks back

                    @Toño F.C. okay, you have a point. and her modeling may be preferable, but just because she has no studies, it doesn't mean she can't be successful. several amazing actors amd actresses went in blind with nothing. but it makes sense

                  • Toño F.C.
                    Toño F.C.  3 weeks back

                    Riley Freemyer She has no studies of acting. The characters in her films would had been portrayed by real actresess who doesn't have fame. She has no right to do that, plus she is not good at acting. I prefer her modeling...

                  • Riley Freemyer
                    Riley Freemyer  3 weeks back

                    i - she is. she's been acting for a long time and is pretty decent.

                • Archer Tiny
                  Archer Tiny  3 weeks back

                  Seems to me this is another SJW attempt to include their views. Pushing ILLEGAL Immigration as Moral and Good.

                  • Nick Ducharne
                    Nick Ducharne  3 weeks back

                    I need to see this

                    • Joyee Luk
                      Joyee Luk  3 weeks back

                      Looks interesting

                      • couldn't think of a username

                        How are we meant to take this seriously?

                        • d edits
                          d edits  3 weeks back

                          So, i see we're still gonna pretend Cara can act

                          • Amy Thiessen
                            Amy Thiessen  2 days back

                            She is the new Kristin Stewart can't act at all. Will probably still watch this for Orlando though 🥰

                          • d edits
                            d edits  2 weeks back

                            @Antony Tpz Uhm, sorry to break it to you but you don't have to be an actress to know if someone's performance is crap. She is indeed terrible in Suicide Squad. Her acting in Paper Towns though is actually good. But, after that movie, she seem to play subsequent roles with very little to no depth at all.

                          • Conor Buggy
                            Conor Buggy  2 weeks back

                            Antony Tpz no she was terrible in suicide squad though that was hardly her fault it was a nightmare of a movie and only Margot Robbie came out looking anything less than a disaster. She was however great in Paper Towns and most of her other projects. I suggest in the future don’t defend people with their worst moments.

                          • Antony Tpz
                            Antony Tpz  3 weeks back

                            I assume you are an award winning actor and you know better. If she wasn’t a model, people would like her. That’s what always happens when someone wants to expand to other arts, they the hate treatment. She was very good in suicide squad and her acting was good.

                          • Lisa Ellis
                            Lisa Ellis  3 weeks back


                        • fazz furry
                          fazz furry  3 weeks back

                          Where are the fantastic beasts and how do you find them? On the train and with a train ticket apparently....

                          • Samual Mordraid
                            Samual Mordraid  3 weeks back

                            Concentrate on the content and quality of representation not on the expensive clothing and cast....

                            • SouthernWolfey
                              SouthernWolfey  3 weeks back

                              The thumbnail made me think it was a video game 😑😐

                              • Dev N.
                                Dev N.  3 weeks back

                                Cara should stay straight

                                • Lisa Ellis
                                  Lisa Ellis  3 weeks back

                                  She, is weird, Who cares about her sexuality, she is just odd.

                              • ColdFlames Sleep
                                ColdFlames Sleep  3 weeks back

                                Great series! i´d bet they will be the next Grimm series.
                                But this time with the dark victorian period, settled in England, where the magic creatures will have to make a deal with the humans. Wonderful actors, i was missing Orlando´s acting since long time ago.

                                • Lavinia Jane Hollis
                                  Lavinia Jane Hollis  3 weeks back

                                  Amazon is wasting so much money on their not-good content. Anyway they have the money to burn.

                                  • Saleem Frazer
                                    Saleem Frazer  3 weeks back

                                    Lavinia Jane Hollis lots of the Rings is all I’m waiting for

                                • Impossible Loves
                                  Impossible Loves  4 weeks back

                                  The concept is good and I like Orlando Bloom as an actor, but then there's the CGI and Delevigne... I'm wondering if this show will fload or if it'll sink really fast.

                                  • ispguy2001
                                    ispguy2001  4 weeks back

                                    Looks good

                                    • Megalodon Unlocked
                                      Megalodon Unlocked  4 weeks back

                                      PS1 cutscene CGI quality. #lacking

                                      • Matt Cash
                                        Matt Cash  4 weeks back

                                        Thought we were over trying to push Cara Delavine in films and tv?

                                        • Crumphorn
                                          Crumphorn  4 weeks back

                                          I see this bankrupting the studio (unless they only created it as a tax dodge).