Supergirl | official First Look trailer (2015) Melissa Benoist

  • Published: 14 May 2015
  • first official trailer for Supergirl by CBS
    from the press release
    SUPERGIRL is an action-adventure drama based on the DC Comics character Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), Superman's (Kal-El) cousin who, after 12 years of keeping her powers a secret on Earth, decides to finally embrace her superhuman abilities and be the hero she was always meant to be. Twelve-year-old Kara escaped the doomed planet Krypton with her parents' help at the same time as the infant Kal-El. Protected and raised on Earth by her foster family, the Danvers, Kara grew up in the shadow of her foster sister, Alex (Chyler Leigh), and learned to conceal the phenomenal powers she shares with her famous cousin in order to keep her identity a secret. Years later at 24, Kara lives in National City assisting media mogul and fierce taskmaster Cat Grant (Golden Globe Award winner Calista Flockhart), who just hired the Daily Planet's former photographer, James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), as her new art director. However, Kara's days of keeping her talents a secret are over when Hank Henshaw (David Harewood), head of a super-secret agency where her sister also works, enlists her to help them protect the citizens of National City from sinister threats. Though Kara will need to find a way to manage her newfound empowerment with her very human relationships, her heart soars as she takes to the skies as Supergirl to fight crime. Greg Berlanti ("The Flash," "Arrow"), Ali Adler, Sarah Schecter and Andrew Kreisberg are executive producers for Berlanti Productions in association with Warner Bros. Television. The pilot was directed by Glen Winter ("Arrow").
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  • Suhani Yadav
    Suhani Yadav  1 weeks back

    They can't name her superwoman coz of Lilly singh

    • Tamjid Hassan
      Tamjid Hassan  1 weeks back


      • Shadow Phantom
        Shadow Phantom  2 weeks back

        Man Of Steel + Smallville + Supergirl (Tv Show) = Complete Garbage.

        • EIMI MEDIA
          EIMI MEDIA  3 weeks back

          This Trailer is longer then the original movie

          • ov 0101
            ov 0101  3 weeks back

            I hope super girl can give a super blowjob too

            • Lokesh Kv
              Lokesh Kv  4 weeks back

              one time movie......

              • Daniel C Treidene
                Daniel C Treidene  1 months back

                note to dc universe, due to issues of fragmentation, timetravel part of krypton powers were disabled in particular universe. no point trying the whole 80 days around the world to spin back the clock.

                • PM Channel
                  PM Channel  1 months back

                  turn all dislikes to like or superman's beam

                  • Joseph Singson
                    Joseph Singson  1 months back

                    longest trailer ever made in the history of cinema..

                    • Sinojhunly Ximponlin
                      Sinojhunly Ximponlin  1 months back

                      This is so crazy wow wow wow

                      • Haneef Shaikh
                        Haneef Shaikh  1 months back

                        Every black hole have exit in America. Strange

                        • Parmeesh Kumar
                          Parmeesh Kumar  1 months back

                          nothing new

                          • Diamond Woldon
                            Diamond Woldon  1 months back

                            its not an S ???? sure does look like one

                            • Daniel KeneSabar
                              Daniel KeneSabar  2 months back


                              • nanda sei la
                                nanda sei la  2 months back

                                que lindo cara

                                • Babu Malviya
                                  Babu Malviya  2 months back


                                  • Terminator Judement day
                                    Terminator Judement day  2 months back

                                    Superbitch ass pussy 😁

                                    • Divya Maulasar
                                      Divya Maulasar  2 months back

                                      Look like a low budget movie

                                      • Rob Beijerinck
                                        Rob Beijerinck  2 months back

                                        wow is the whole netflix serie cast in this movie that's cool nvm i thought this whas a movie but its trailer for the serie

                                        • s Deep
                                          s Deep  2 months back

                                          Poor star casting...Story...Acting..

                                          • Sanathoi Choudhury
                                            Sanathoi Choudhury  2 months back

                                            Full story in the trailer

                                            • savitarsavior Flashfan Xd

                                              Supergirl you have failed this city.

                                              • savitarsavior Flashfan Xd

                                                This show is trash.

                                                • DEADLIST GAMERZZ
                                                  DEADLIST GAMERZZ  2 months back

                                                  Shit girl or butt girl must be movie name

                                                  • DEADLIST GAMERZZ
                                                    DEADLIST GAMERZZ  2 months back

                                                    DC SUCKS

                                                    • Adam Armstrong
                                                      Adam Armstrong  2 months back

                                                      When did Jimmy Olsen turned black? This is the reason I don't watch this fake super girl

                                                      • TABREZ CHAMP
                                                        TABREZ CHAMP  2 months back

                                                        Just add the word super u become super simple

                                                        • Agbator Louis
                                                          Agbator Louis  2 months back

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                                                          • MR. DEVIL
                                                            MR. DEVIL  2 months back

                                                            MAN OF STEEL IS BETTER MANY TIME BETTER

                                                            • Aiz チャンネル
                                                              Aiz チャンネル  2 months back

                                                              Are her breasts made of kevlar

                                                              • Aiz チャンネル
                                                                Aiz チャンネル  2 months back

                                                                Jimi olsen becomes black

                                                                • Anant Rathod
                                                                  Anant Rathod  2 months back


                                                                  • extremix khan
                                                                    extremix khan  2 months back

                                                                    now i don't even have to watch the series

                                                                    • Dominic Sebastian
                                                                      Dominic Sebastian  2 months back

                                                                      Superman series are far better....this movie series wud spoil the whole fun.😣☹️

                                                                    • Deepak Pandey
                                                                      Deepak Pandey  2 months back

                                                                      Salo ldkiyo ko kyu le rhe h har jgh pe

                                                                      • spiegelnder
                                                                        spiegelnder  2 months back

                                                                        It is a good series actually.
                                                                        I didn't feel like watching it at all when it first came out. But, a few years later, when I decided to give it a go, out of pure curiosity, since I've been watching some other titles from the 'arrowverse', I started to like it and have continued to watch it ever since.
                                                                        Plus, the actress is very good, charming and fitting for the role!

                                                                        • daredevil bang
                                                                          daredevil bang  2 months back

                                                                          she is not a man she is so sexy

                                                                          • I'M H!MANSHU
                                                                            I'M H!MANSHU  2 months back


                                                                            • parth patil
                                                                              parth patil  3 months back

                                                                              Why did not she wore a underwear outside like Superman?

                                                                              • Krish Krish
                                                                                Krish Krish  3 months back

                                                                                In 2019

                                                                                • Zain Wiz
                                                                                  Zain Wiz  3 months back

                                                                                  Idk but something is missing 🤔

                                                                                  • Jai Bajrangbali
                                                                                    Jai Bajrangbali  3 months back

                                                                                    Wow !

                                                                                    • Ml Dy
                                                                                      Ml Dy  3 months back

                                                                                      So Lexie survived the plane crash

                                                                                      • Nujoom pf
                                                                                        Nujoom pf  3 months back

                                                                                        Superman was ultimate😎

                                                                                        • ARYAN SINGH
                                                                                          ARYAN SINGH  3 months back

                                                                                          Supergirl from China

                                                                                          • T Mung Langel
                                                                                            T Mung Langel  3 months back

                                                                                            Supergirl actress is gorgeous.💞

                                                                                            • Jay hind Jay Bharat
                                                                                              Jay hind Jay Bharat  3 months back


                                                                                              • Jay hind Jay Bharat
                                                                                                Jay hind Jay Bharat  3 months back