Hung Gar Kung Fu 5 Elements Punhes -Luke Kretschmann hockchong108
3 years back
Hung Gar 5 Elements punching routine from Chu Chi Wei lineage. www.hockchong.com.au start to finish - no cuts in filming This is a very challenging punching ...
los punhes huguinhopsico
10 years back
5 Warlock Punhes Total Mephiles Dark
3 years back
Online / With Anyone (For Glory) / 1-on-1 Garden of Hope (Ω Form) Ganondorf, Lucina.
zangya punhes kurirn Luan Gamer50
4 months back
edit we video dbz bojack filme 9.
Thursday Abs On Fire Workout Positively Diesel,LLC
4 years back
Thursday Abs of Fire 5 Minute Workout 1/2 Clock 6 - 12 [30 sec] Lift Down In [30 sec] Mummy Kick Abs [1 Minute] Heal Tap 1,2,3 Kick [30 Second Right ] Heal ...
Little kid fights the mom jojofoshotho
8 years back
Little boy losin his temper in public starts throwin punhes @ his mom!!
Hung Gar San Sau The Phoenix-Eye Punch lionsroarsifu
4 years back
From the late Master Jimmy Chan Wai (Liverpool UK) demonstrator the senior non-Chinese student of his first family (from 1975-1982).The mid-way point ...
洪家-三展連環拳 華藝精武
11 months back
華藝精武武藝會- 李俊森師父CWS-CMA ASSOCIATION - Master Li Chun Sam.
Kung Fu Five Elements Fist TKATeam
8 years back
All the students from every level of the Kung Fu classes perform a beginner level form.
Bases do Kung Fu Tradicional Fu long Chuen
2 years back
Kung Fu Hung Gar With the right training anyone can be able to do this type of technique Kung Fu Hung Gar Com o treinamento correto qualquer pessoa pode ...
Hung Gar Five Element Form 洪家拳 五行拳 Taijiquan SG
2 years back
30 April 2017 @ 509 Bishan Street 11 Hong Jia (Hung Gar) Five Element Form 洪家拳- 五行拳勇胜堂武医馆Traditional Wushu Performance - Bishan 2017 ...
ПРИГЛАШЕНИЕ НА ТУРНИР 1VS1!!!! [WALRUS PUNCHES 1 SEASON] Ainz / Аинз - Лучшие ролики по Смайту!
3 months back
Приглашаем всех присоединиться к турниру формата Duel "Walrus Punhes". Дата начала проведения - 26 марта! В комментар...
Uppercut Bag at the Gym Daniel Reid Boxing
2 years back
Here I'm just using theuppercut heavy bag at my local gym. I'm mixing up shots including the jab, hooks and straight punhes. Thanks gor the support and don't ...
Master Lin 洪家十字梅花拳(林欣分解教学)上篇 hung gar mei flower form 1 thomas lin
4 years back
Punish Raj Punhes Kumar
11 months back
How to Deliver Straight Punches in Hung Gar 洪拳:直冲拳 Leroy Kwok
6 years back
Sifu Leroy Kwok teaches you how to use straight punches in Hung Gar Kung Fu. www.singaporekungfu.com The straight punch is the most commonly trained ...
Dana White opens new UFC Apex facility; reveals details of Autumn boxing move 2019 Themaclife
5 days back
ufc, mma, bare knuckle boxing, ultimate fighting championship, dana white, mixed martial arts, israel adesanya, robert whittaker, strikeforce, combat tv, combat ...
Kung Fu Horse Bench Basics #2 - Bench Hook and Uppercut Sifu Kuttel - Kung Fu - Tai Chi
3 years back
The kung fu horse bench was a popular weapon of self defense and an excellent form of complementary training to popular southern kung fu systems like Hung ...
"Charger" Behind-the-Scenes - MagnanimousRentals.com Magnanimous Media
4 years back
CHARGER is a 5-minute action film: a very short story of a rescue with a twist. This short film was shot on the Sony FS7 and Leica Summicron-C lenses.
Richaud Ng ga Kuen Punches Paul Martinez
9 years back
Ark Y. Wong, Ark Yueh Wong, Seming Ma, Ng Ga Kuen, Five Family Fist, kung fu, wushu, koushu, combat, self-defense, chin na, gung fu, hung gar, choy li fut, ...
Zangya Green Screens Liam Miller Productions
5 months back
Rules for using these: 1. GIVE CREDIT! I will make sure you do otherwise. 2. No bitching in the comments, this is a gift and if you don't like it then oh well. 3.
Hung Gar Spear hockchong108
4 years back
the heavy Snake Head Spear- Southern Fist Style www.hockchong.com.au Training in Brisbane- beginners welcome phone 0451 698 885 Luke Kretschmann.
洪家拳 Hung Gar Kung Fu, Iron Thread (Iron Wire) 鐵線拳 ,氣与內勁之發揮 William Fong
3 years back
Two sections of Iron Thread set demonstrated by Sifu William Fong on how energy flow coordinates with breathing exercise and movement. Voice characteristics ...
3 years back
Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu Grand Master Martin Sewer January 2016 GrandMaster Dr. Martin Sewer, 8th Masterdegree, Original Shaolin Hung Gar Kung Fu, ...
恭賀黃飛鴻宗師163週年紀念聯歡晚會 黄中漢同學會邱恩龍師傅 - 洪拳五行拳Hung Gar Five Element Form yau116
5 years back
恭賀黃飛鴻宗師163週年紀念聯歡晚會黄中漢同學會邱恩龍師傅- 洪拳五行拳Hung Gar Five Element Form.
Sifu Lopez Hung Gar Dragon Tiger TUSD 2018 Chiu Dai Fook
1 years back
Sifu Lopez demonstrates Chiu family Hung Kuen Dragon and Tiger sets from 5 Animals/5 Elements Form for Tucson Unified School District 2/9/2018 Video by ...
Kung Fu for Kids - Out of the Box at QPAC QPAC
3 years back
Book now: http://atqp.ac/1qNnpWy Subscribe to QPAC: http://atqp.ac/1yCWzCZ Shaolin Kung Fu is a crucial discipline for improving health and fitness, ...
Hung Gar Kung Fu #1 Luke Kretschmann hockchong108
9 years back
1 man training exercise for you to develop strength taking hits as a fighter. www.hockchong.com.au students welcome 0413 798 583. Training in moderation ...
Wing Chun Siezing hand hockchong108
3 years back
For training in Brisbane call 0413 798 583 www.hockchong.com.au.
Hung Gar Traditional Skills 4 - 1000 Character Hands Onassis Parungao
3 years back
A Common method in Hung Style. 1000 Character Hand ...often referred to as "Chin Ji Sao or (Cin1 = Cheen) Sifu Onassis Parungao Cheng Yee Kung Fu ...
KeepPracticing! Ninjastuntz
3 years back
Just a video I did to show my learning process on the Hung gar kung fu system. I had recently started learning. I would say to other practitioners of martial arts its ...
Hung Gar Punching sets hockchong108
9 years back
These are our basic punching sets for Hung Gar. www.hockchong.com.au There are 4 punches to each set. Brisbane students welcome 0413 798 583 Each set ...
Box Jump 少林拳-Spring Legs- Luke Kretschmann hockchong108
3 years back
"Spring Leg" training is the skill of jumping with feet together onto a position of balance by landing softer than regular jumping. www.hockchong.com.au training ...
Kung Fu 108 slowly with names Master Gohring
11 years back
Hill Wing Chun - Wing Chun Bo Fat Hill Wing Chun
8 months back
Basic footwork here at Hill Wing Chun With Sifu Jody Hill.