New: Digital Media Services

Story behind WALLEE – Powered by MYSIMAX:

The growing fame of MYSIMAX via the Social media lead us to a meeting with a young and dynamic Cameroonian couple: Cedric Tankeu and FabienneEssone, in Shanghai in July 2014.

Cedric and Fabienne – both graduated from France’s most prestigious engineer and business schools – wanted to start a business in advertising in their native Cameroon.

We, at MYSIMAX, had the digital knowledge and most certainly, we wanted to “shake up” the masses.No other medium could have been better than digital advertising.

Therefore, in September 2014, we decided to open together WALLEE Digital Marketing Ltd. in Cameroon.

Wallee Mysimax


Bringing the “Wouah effect” to Africa

Our vision is to create integrated offerings by building MYSIMAX’s Digital Media department onto a solid team of experienced people who will offer digital solutions and data to its clients via WALLEE, as well as experiential and traditional communication media. Our services will include:


Marketing & Brand Strategy

“The How”

Bringing the unseen and gathering datas!

We will offer our consulting services and build up marketing solutions for clients through our fleet of tablets and TVs deployed in taxis, buses, office buildings, schools, etc. Data don’t lie!


Content Production Strategy & Advertising

“The What”

Not only that MYSIMAX will offer the “How” but the team will also assist in the production of digital and traditional contents (print material and videos + Tele Vision Commercials) that will be displayed on our hardware


Digital Engagement & Experiential Brand Activation

“The Awesome”

Through the latest technologies available, MYSIMAX will reach customers directly on their mobile and tablets  and become the undeniable leader in offering interactions between brands and their customers in Africa, with WALLEE.

These technologies will include Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Branded APPS for mobile, tablets, Advergaming APPS, Interactive Mirrors & Interactive Walls, iBeacon Monitoring, Mobile Push Notifications.