MiX Pro Mk2

Beautiful Design
The new MiX Pro Mk2 is incredible. Its huge 9.7-inch tablet allows you to fully experience the power of the MiX Pro Mk2. Its thin design is sleek and fancy. It is a pleasure to use and a pleasure to watch: slender, but powerful.

Powerful Quad-Core Processor
Thanks to its quad-core processor that supports a 64-bit architecture, the MiX Pro Mk2 delivers incredible performance while being efficient using power. The graphics are enhanced and the operating system really runs faster than ever. You can now take performance with you wherever you go.

The MTK8389 Quad-Core Processor makes up to 1.2G calculations at the same time. This may not ring a bell but what it means is that this chip will allow you to process data faster than ever before. Everything will flow faster, apps will run quicker, and you will not only see the difference, you will feel the difference. It supports OpenGL version 2+ that enables the sharpest graphics for your games, video players, and apps. You don’t just see things, they happen right before your eyes. Virtual has never been so close to reality.

Connectivity Brought Up a Notch
Wi-Fi? Of course, and powerful please. GPS? Yes. Bluetooth? Yes, also. 3G? It comes on each of our devices. That is not all. The MiX Pro Mk2 is equipped with a dual SIM Card reader. You can use two cards from two different telephone network operators to get twice the normal coverage.

Stunning Battery Life
Our R&D team worked long hours to make sure your MiX Pro Mk2 will last enough time for you to achieve whatever needs to get done. They sourced the best components and arranged them so the MiX Pro Mk2 is powerful and efficient beyond all your expectations. You can use the tablet up to 10 hours. This lets you play, work, and discover the world at your leisure. And this is just what our tablets are designed to do.

Saving More to Create More
The MiX Pro Mk2 comes in either 16 or 32G, but what is truly amazing is its 32G SD card. It is easily removable. You can use one for videos, one for work files, another for games, and so on. And you can switch anytime you like. In addition, transferring data from one tablet to another has never been easier.

Play Like Never Before
The graphic card allows you to enjoy the latest games; the motion sensor is extremely sensitive and reacts quickly to your moves; the HDMI port lets you watch videos on your HD screen at home, and with your MiX Pro Mk2 you can watch TV anywhere. And there is a headphone jack to help you enjoy your music, your videos, and your games to the fullest.