Educational Apps

Education is paramount to Mysimax. We believe it is the most powerful weapon to fight poverty and to ensure development. Education is the key to Africa’s growth, both economically and socially.  Currently, the lack of infrastructure and study material is curbing Africa’s potential.  College students in big cities are not provided with sufficient modern literature, and in the rural areas children who work during the day do not always have time to go to school. Sometimes the school is hours away and attending classes is not worth the long walk when you have to contribute to the family income.
Our goal is to find pragmatic solutions that can be implemented now.

Mysimax apps will provide, among others:

  • Interfaces that will allow students to work in groups
  • Open lessons and exercises with corrections included
  • Teacher-support solutions
  • Access to knowledge


“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.”

— Nelson Mandela




E-commerce solutions

Africa is the world’s largest untapped consumer market; it’s a billion consumers who do not have proper access to products, and that leaves room for dozens of business opportunities. Instead of blaming the lack of infrastructure and leaving things as they are, we decided to act in a pragmatic way. Enough with endless debates on how to build facilities that will take years to arrive; now is the time for action. There are many retailers offering a large range of products all over Africa. We just need to connect them to their potential customers. But we want to do even more. Mysimax wants to make sure that when you get in touch with a retailer through our software, the retailer is accountable.

Mysimax will help

  • Connect clients and sellers
  • Make payments easier and safer
  • Measure both client’s and outlet’s reputations and trustworthiness to make each party accountable for their actions
  • Allow small businesses to be listed on a directory and help customers find them faster




Financial Services Apps

Few people have access to banking services in rural areas. Even in major cities, not everyone can use Internet banking. So far, financial services’ providers have failed to offer solutions for all Africans. The current operators did not adjust their products to meet the needs of people who did not fit a list of set requirements. Those living in remote areas, those who are not well educated, those who do not have stable incomes, and many others are denied the right to enjoy appropriate banking solutions.  This has to change. Mysimax aims to facilitate payments and create efficient credit management tools. We want to bring state-of-the art banking technologies to the people.

Mysimax apps will include:

    • Informal credit management apps
    • Mobile payment solutions
    • Mobile financial services
    • Updated financial information that will help people understand money-related issues