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MYSIMAX is a tech start-up that is redefining how Africans will interact, learn, share information, and later, buy and make transactions via our mobile marketplace.

Our Founders are members of the Diaspora that moved to China 20 years ago, when few believed this country could become an economical superpower, that fast. Thus, they have acquired a unique experience in working with emerging markets and seeing their full potential.





With a total population of 1.1bn people, Africa is the next superpower, the next digital marketBy 2025 the Continent will host more than 600 million Internet users—50 percent of its population—and the Internet contribution to the GDP will be US$300 billion.

At Mysimax, we have a clear goal: enabling Africa’s most promising generation – the tertiary students – to gain access to general knowledge and become active members of the digital economy, not mere consumers.

Toward that goal we have developed a unique and disruptive ecosystem that caters to tertiary educational institutions and that is based on four pillars:

MySimx Club : Social E-marketplace

This platform will be open to anyone including students, employees, managers, entrepreneurs, and owners willing to uphold and pass on meritocratic and universal values.


to foster local coders and tech enthusiasts. Putting talents together and helping them to develop their ideas.

Leadership Program

To improve Asian/African know-how transfer for a better knowledge sharing and creating groundbreaking solutions.

Digital Tablets

To help talents to work from any places we provide tablet with great specs and packed with smart apps.

Mysimax is not just about improving the lives of countless tertiary students
and become the greatest social e-marketplace Africa has ever experienced;
it’s also about fostering great minds in the process.
Imagine the potential and untapped market we’ll unleash…

Sounds exciting? Join Mysimax now and become a game changer!


MYSIMAX Media Application – The best content for the Next Generation

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MYSIMAX’s team is all over Africa



 A worldwide buzz


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 Early traction

  • “AFRAM was looking for a solution to bring our students to the digital era. But we couldn’t do it with the big brands, nor could our students consider receiving cheap, outdated products. MYSIMAX’s ecosystem is an unprecedented offer for the students and our school as well, and it was just what we needed to rise above the competition. ”The students were thrilled with Mr. Paulin’s speeches and they can’t wait to become Mysimax Club’s members and a part of the Digital economy!”

    -B. Mensah – C.F.O. – Academie Franco-Americaine de Management (Afram Business School)-

  • "When we showed a MYSIMAX sample to students, they were so enthusiastic we had a problem getting the sample back! It was what they had dreamed of. We organized a ceremony to give one hundred tablets to the students and brought in the media. We received a lot of praise for our work."

    -A. Ndjila. - General Manager – National Center for Universities, Gabon-