My tablet does not turn on despite a long hold of the On/Off button:

–    Make sure your tablet is well charged.

–       You might have to leave it to charge for more than one hour if it went unused for a prolonged period of time.

–     Press and hold the On/Off key for a longer time.

–     You can press and hold the On/Off key together with the volume + or – to reset   your tablet.

My SIM card is not recognized:

–       Make sure the card has been inserted properly and is clean.

–       Reboot your tablet by pressing and holding the On/Off button.

–       Go to Settings->Network->SIM Management to make sure the SIM Card is on.

I cannot hear any sound from the speakers or headphones:

–       Make sure the headphones are properly plugged in.

–       Make sure the volume is turned up.

I have no USB connection to my computer:

–       Make sure the cable is connected.

–       The USB should be in good condition.

–       Ensure you pressed “Establish USB Connection” on your tablet after plugging in.

–     Inside the Settings “Developer” option, make sure that “USB Debugging” is checked.

I cannot connect to the WiFi network:

–       Check that WiFi is turned on in Settings.

–       Make sure you entered the correct password.

–       Try resetting your router. If that does not work, turn the WiFi on your tablet off and on again.

My screen seemed to have scratches when it came out of the box:

–           All tablets are covered with a nearly invisible protective film. Make sure that it has been removed.




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