Why all African youth should pass the TOEFL, TOEIC and HSK?

Why all African youth should pass the TOEFL, TOEIC and HSK?

Mysimax purpose is to develop knowledge power of African youth and, in a long-term vision, to give them the opportunity to set up their position as major worldwide players in field such as business, research, media & communication, diplomacy… Mysimax’s aim is also to connect African students from different classes, different schools, different cities and even different countries!What is the common need for this to objective? Our next generation should be able to communicate easily with every people in the world. That is why Mysimax puts such effort in the development of platforms and features adapted to the learning of new language by African students.


Among these languages, obviously English is the basic requirement to be a significant actor in the globalized world. If English is the native tongue of many of our device’s users, still half of our students come from French-speaking countries. Furthermore, speaking a various range of languages is a significant plus; Chinese being probably the most valuable in a very near future.

Therefore we strongly promote the use of specific platforms for the practice of such languages on our devices.



Global Exam is a platform providing solutions for student preparing English exams TOEIC and TOEFL as well as Chinese test HSK. Today, teaching to our kids how to perfectly speak English or Chinese is not enough, as the common assumption on African education will force them to provide proof for any kind of ability. TOEFL, TOEIC and HSK will provide them with a score which will give a fair comparison with other young (wo)men. Global Exam is often mentioned as a reference to prepare such examination thanks to its unique solution of mock-exams designed with actual teachers.

Chinese Institute, a school teaching Chinese language, is also a great example of tools adapted to our students to extend their communicative skills as well as their cultural knowledge. It is based in Paris but it also aims to offer video-conference class to individual. Few of our students enjoyed the great teaching of Chinese Institute, made outstanding progress and easily reached the level 6 of the HKS test.

Many other tools exist to develop the skills of the next generation. Mysimax strongly believe into the value of these features to the M-education devices. With the support of these great platforms, African great minds have now great tools to rise!

GLobal Exam