Quality & Performance Vs. Cost

Have you ever wonder if the cost of your new tablet or phone is in line with the use you will get from it?

The price the end user will have to pay is a reflection of how the manufacturer optimized its cost of production depending on its own target and customer needs.

One of Mysimax’s strengths is the careful study of the needs of the consumers using our devices before we create products to fit those needs. This ensures that we are not developing some products with a high-end configuration, and price, purely for marketing reasons. We made the choice to give people what they need, while being affordable.

We will not compromise the user experience, as some features must be the best on the market, such as your screen and camera resolution, battery life, and speed. Nevertheless, some characteristics, on many devices, are excessively high-tech for use with the current version of the applications available.

To achieve the best relationship between price and performance, it is important to carefully choose the components and the material your tablet is made of, but also to consider the relationship among the components.

For the same reason you wouldn’t install a Formula 1 engine in your sedan, at Mysimax we design our products with a constant focus on fitting each part together perfectly.

The goal is to be able to enjoy 100% of the applications available while keeping the production cost at a reasonable level and, of course, maintaining the best quality and “touch and feel” experience.

For instance:
We made the choice to offer a medium-sized internal memory with a higher-sized SD card capacity. This solution provides great flexibility, as you control your own content, and it gives an endless capacity to your tablet while drastically reducing the cost compared to having a high-density memory chip.

The choice of the CPU is very important and is usually the strict measure of speed, but it’s far from being the only measure. The RAM is just as important. Having a slightly slower CPU, but higher RAM, will make your tablet much faster but will keep the price low.

In the same way, the screen resolution is chosen in order to offer the most comfortable resolution while using the best of the CPU, so you never experience any lag.

Cost optimization does not mean cheaper components or materials but instead focuses on how to make those components work together to obtain the best performance without wasting resources in the manufacturing process that would eventually result in a higher price for the end user.


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