Extend your Battery Life

The battery life, or battery autonomy, which refers to how long the tablet will last per single charge, depends on the devices you buy, as well as your brand, size, speed, and options. It varies from only a couple of hours for the worst one to up to twenty hours for the best tablet used under optimal conditions.

The actual number of hours you get out of a device depends not only on the capacity of the battery, but also on how effectively the device uses power.

So, what can you do to increase the battery life of your tablet? Of course, the more hardware the device has, the more the battery will drain. If you use a 3D game that requires your GPU (graphics processing unit) in addition to your CPU (central processing unit) and at the same time use your WiFi, 3G, and GPS and listen to some music while downloading some documents, your battery will obviously drain much faster than if you only read an eBook with low screen brightness.

Another definition of battery life is how many times you can recharge and discharge before it becomes unusable or the autonomy becomes too low to use it properly. Less than two hours of battery life would be terrible. The number of cycles the battery can endure varies from 500 to 1000 times. This means that you can use the battery for between 1.5 and 3 years in the best condition. After that, you will have to replace the battery or the device as it might be outdated by then.

One of the main reasons for shorter battery life is extreme temperatures, both cold and especially heat. For instance, forget about charging your tablet in your car on a hot summer day. That will definitely shorten your battery life dramatically.

As a rule, you can charge your battery within the range of temperatures in which you would feel physically comfortable. Fifteen to thirty degrees Celsius would be perfect.

Another simple cause of a shorter battery life is the use of inadequate chargers. Keep the charger provided by the manufacturer and avoid alternative solutions such as extra power banks or third-party provider chargers. In the best case, the charge will take much longer and your autonomy will be reduced, but in the worst case, your battery might overheat, short circuit, or stop working.


Here is some basic advice you should follow to prolong your battery life and autonomy:

1 – Avoid extreme heat. During the charging process, your device should be away from any heat source such as windows, a heater, or the fireplace. Added heat during the charge will damage your battery. To some extent, also avoid charging it in extreme cold.

2 – Turn off unnecessary hardware. WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, and GPS can consume a lot of power, so if you want to extend your autonomy, just turn them off when you don’t need them.

3 – Avoid too much multitasking. All new OS (operating system) versions, especially Android, are really good at multitasking; you can open many applications. The problem is that each of them will use the CPU and RAM, which results in higher power consumption. You can easily turn off the unused applications in the settings of your OS.

4 – Charge your battery once a day. It might not be easy to keep to this schedule, especially if the autonomy is quite short, but charging your battery too often can reduce its overall lifespan.

5 –Avoid topping up. This is also a hard rule to follow. When you know that you are headed for a long day outside, you might be tempted to top up your battery even if you have 50 or 80% left. As much as possible, wait to be below 10% to fully charge your device.

6 – Reduce your screen brightness: The screen consumes a lot of power, especially set to a high level of brightness. Using half of the full brightness can gain you 20% more in terms of time of use. You can use the automatic brightness that each OS offers. This setting will choose the right level of brightness depending on the environment. Even better, manually set the brightness at the lowest level you feel comfortable with. You will be amazed by how much more autonomy you can get.

7 – Turn your tablet off during the charge. Probably one of the hardest pieces of advice to follow, but, as mentioned above, heat is a strong enemy of your battery. During the charge, the CPU continues to work and generates a lot of heat. Any time it is possible try to turn the device off while charging.

8 – Reduce the frequency at which your applications are being updated, syncing, or are “pinging” the server. Twitter and Facebook will constantly want to request an update, as will your e-mails, weather, and trading applications.


Don’t forget that your battery and tablet have to serve you rather than you serving them. Nevertheless, getting into the habit of following these rules will extend your battery life significantly.

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