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You might have gathered that education is a priority for MYSIMAX developers. We want to provide people with user-friendly platforms that allow them to transfer knowledge from individual to individual in the most efficient way. Our philosophy is to focus on both sides of the learning channel. We want to facilitate the jobs of teachers while we allow the students to acquire more knowledge. The trick is to design a platform that will appeal visually and content-wise to everyone. But that’s not all; this educational application has to be user-friendly. To whom? To adults and youngsters at the same time, even though they have antipodal tech habits. Challenging? Yes, and we like it that way.

First, we enquired into what teachers desired in technology. Their most widespread answer was that they needed tools to monitor their students’ work. Students, on the other hand, longed for an enjoyable, interactive way to learn. They wanted to discover new things through interactive channels that would make them forget their outdated books. They also desired to access alternate sources of information, so we developed an app that fulfilled all these needs and much more. What we added was a tracking system that not only allowed teachers to follow the progress of their students, but also to compare their pupils to students all over the world. In addition, our educational application enables students to do their homework on a mobile device and to check their results on the same mobile device.

This is just the beginning before the true might of connectivity arrives. The crazy thing with our app is that it lets people living in remote areas to learn and grow, even without schools. These people will have access to an incredible database of exercises on any subject. These exercises will come with corrections and additional learning content. Going even further, the app will track the scores of those students previously devoid of decent learning facilities. In order to assess their student’s level all scores will be available for consultation for the teachers using the app. This will allow talents to be discovered. And someday, maybe a child born into the poorest, least-educated family will grow into a true genius and change the world because of a MYSIMAX application. There should be no more wasted talent.

On a more down-to-earth level, you may be wondering how we can afford to post high- quality content online. We plan to provide teachers with a solution that will be useful only if they input the data. And this data is the learning content. So we will trade a powerful educational tool for learning material.

The users of the app will not have to pay to access this content because it will have been collected without any financial cost. MYSIMAX is here to make you grow faster. We know knowledge is priceless, and that is why we bring it to you.


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