Afro-optimism vs Afro pessimism

Will Africa become the next market of the century, or will the continent crawl back to poverty, disease and war?

As an entrepreneur, this is a legitimate question to ask yourself if you wish to enter the African market. For decades, Africa has proven itself to be a highly volatile market place. From French speaking Africa with its heavily-french inspired government driven economy, to English speaking Africa with its more open business model but shady political practices, businessmen have feared for the success of their venture.

More often than none, it ended up with a huge investment cost and an –sadly- important waste of time, resources and money.

Africa and Africans, more often than none, have shown themselves to be unreliable, when it comes to small-medium corporations. Or so the Afro-pessimists like to claim.

Well, I have spent nearly half of my life working in China, fighting formidable business opponents, often with asymmetrical means.
And now every time I travel to Africa, every time it reminds me of my first years in China, back in the 90s. The major cities had just been opened for business, and we were facing the exact same attitude that I often have to cope with in Africa nowadays: lack of professionalism, lack of interest towards business, unreliable business partners…the list is long. Back then you needed to be really persistent in China if you wanted to obtain a business license. People would tell you that you needed to bring gifts from France, to satisfy the demands of the people in charge. And then, maybe, you could have your license… Twenty years later, the regulations are crystal clear. I can obtain my business license in no time, review my speeding tickets over the Internet and pay my bills using my smartphone…

The same people that told me I was crazy to move to China 20 years ago are now telling me that I was a visionary.
I was not. I just felt at the time that China had all the harbingers of success. All the conditions to make it a great economical superpower were in place.

And now I can see and feel the same for Africa.
That is why I created MYSIMAX Inc.:  to bring knowledge to soon-to-become great minds.

Afro-pessimists claim that Africans are uneducated.
I say Africans lack tools to bring knowledge to the mass and I’ll bring the MiX tablets.

Afro-pessimists claim that Africans lack the will and rigor to stand up on their own.
I say Africans need – as China, Singapore and South Korea did before- to be mentored and empowered. MYSIMAX develops apps that streamline the management and decision making process thus paving the way for success.

Afro-pessimists will claim that it is too soon for Africa.
I will say to them “For how long are you going to keep burying us below the ground?” No more.


Afro-pessimists will tell us: this cannot be done, you are crazy.
I shall tell them: “that is exactly what people told me when I decided to move to China 20 years ago.” I guess I was not that insane…


Africa is open for business and Africans are eager to learn. MYSIMAX Inc. will give them the proper leverage that shall bring the continent to a new rise.

MYSIMAX’s core mission, our ultimate goal, is to put the African crippling culture of hand-out to a definite end and make the continent a land of empowerment and prosperity.

We are no beggars.

We refuse to live at the expense of anyone but ourselves.

We refuse to hold our hand out and wait.

Now is the time to get up and seize opportunities. Now is the time for African empowerment.

We want to create, to rise, to evolve, to be born gain phoenixes. We want to be the next big thing for the century to come.

And this starts today.

In fact, it has already started.




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