All our softwares are responsive. Smartphone, tablets, smartwatches, you name it

our apps will run on it.

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Our apps are designed to create networks and support existing ones. Mysimax helps you reach those you want to interact with in an ever more efficient way.

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Many apps are pre installed on our tablets so that all your needs will be met. Besides we made sure that operating a MiX would be very intuitive. Just touch and play.

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Up to the minute

Mysimax’s team makes sure our apps are updated as often as can be. We take your insight very seriously and adjust the applications to your needs.

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Mysimax is a global company that offers local solutions. Our employees are from many countries because we believe multiculturalism is one of the major keys to our success. It allows us to cover a broader range of expertise and better understand the specificities and needs of each of our customers. Besides, Mysimax need to be where the talent is. There are great developers in the United States, the best factories are in China, and innovative support functions are found in Europe. And soon we will have a headquarters in Africa because we believe this is where the future of technology exists.


MYSIMAX Media Application - We provide the best content for our Next Generation

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  • “I study journalism, so I have to be connected all the time. I needed a tool that allowed me to access the Internet fast and was reliable and sturdy enough to accompany me in all my investigations and interviews. Last but not least, I was looking for a device that I could afford. Mysimax MiX Mk1 was a perfect fit. I take it with me to school every morning, and use it in the afternoon to do research or interviews.”
  • “Mysimax's SmartSchoolMate organizer application allowed me to schedule group projects. We all connected our calendars to the app, entering our location, the due date for the project, and how big it was going to be. . . . Then SmartSchoolMate organizer processed all this data and automatically added it to our agendas along with the place and time where we should meet so it would be the most convenient for everyone. At the end of each group session, we saved the we work had done on the app and SmartSchoolMate organizer calculated how much we had left to do and adjusted the frequency of our meetings. The app made our project so much easier; we no longer needed to waste time on organizing, and we could focus on what really matters.”